Delivering Clinical Commissioning

The Health and Social Care Act has comprehensively changed the way the NHS is governed and the role of Primary Care.

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) lead the commissioning of all NHS services with the exception of primary care, which is commissioned by NHS England.
  • NHS England is a national body with regional teams. As such, all primary care is now commissioned nationally
  • The government has stated that current GP contracts will be replaced by a new national contract with NHS England. This presumably means that there will be a ‘new’ GMS in due course, but we await details of this.
  • GP practices can expect significantly increased peer pressure and performance monitoring from CCGs, who will support NHS England Local Area Teams in managing GP contracts.

DR Solicitors have advised practices, shadow CCGs and LMCs on the transition to the new structure, and continue to advise primary care providers and GPs undertaking roles within CCGs on:

  • Managing Conflicts of Interest between providing and commissioning activities
  • Updating practice partnership agreements to reflect the new obligations and governance requirements
  • Advising LMCs and member practices on the implications for practices in NHS Property Company (PropCo) owned properties.
  • Advising CCG member practices on the implications of their CCG constitution
  • Redrafting CCG Constitutions

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