Securing And Protecting NHS Contracts

The GMS, PMS or APMS contract is the single most important asset in an NHS practice. Without the contract there are no patients and no income, so negotiating and protecting the NHS Contract is central to what we do.

We have advised LMCs in negotiating with NHS England on PMS contract reviews, and regularly support clients who are bidding for APMS and similar contracts. These contracts are very long and complicated, and it is important that the terms and risks are fully understood before signing them. Our deep understanding of the regulations including procurement processes such as Any Qualified Provider (AQP), combined with our experience of negotiating commercial contracts, means that we are able to focus quickly on what is, and what is not, negotiable.

Disputes over NHS Contracts are unfortunately becoming more common. We advise clients on dealing with breach and remedial notices, contract terminations and variations, and other disputes with NHS England. For further information on disputes see here

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