Medical Partnership Law

DR Solicitors expertise in medical partnership law is unrivalled. We are acknowledged by both the legal and the medical professions as one of the leading GP partnership firms in the country. Our tried and tested approach to Partnership Agreement drafting ensures a rapid and cost effective turnaround, and a bespoke document compliant with all the latest regulation.

A deep understanding of the GMS, PMS and APMS regulations and the wider business and political environment within which primary care operates is critical when drafting a GP Partnership Agreement. The area is also fast moving, so even well drafted deeds more than a few years old will miss important references to CCGs, NHS England, GP Federations and so on.

Whilst any partnership would be well advised to have a well drawn up partnership deed to set out the ‘rules’ of the business, this is particularly important for medical partnerships. Without such a document the departure of a partner can trigger the termination of the GMS or PMS contract and the end of the business. This has become all too common over recent years and yet is entirely avoidable.

Our services for medical partnerships include:

  • Medical Partnership agreements (PMS, GMS & APMS)
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • ‘Fixed Share’ and ‘salaried’ partnership agreements
  • Dental Associate Agreements
  • Partner admissions & departures
  • NHS 24 Hour retirements
  • Partners’ performance & disciplinary issues
  • Expulsion and dissolution notices
  • Partnership Dispute resolution
    (including mediation and arbitration)

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