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Most solicitors are local and generalist, and their legal knowledge inevitably reflects the mix of businesses in their ‘catchment area’. Since most of these law firms will only ever encounter a handful of primary care providers, it is nearly impossible for them to develop an understanding of the legal environment in which you operate.

DR Solicitors is different. We only work with primary care professionals – GPs, dentists, pharmacists, consultants and care home providers – so our level of specialist expertise is unrivalled and permeates all our work. Primary Care is quite rightly a highly regulated industry, and we believe that the only way for a professional adviser to understand and stay abreast of the full breadth of rapidly changing regulation is to be completely focused on primary care. Clients come to DR Solicitors because we are the acknowledged experts in the law as it relates to their business, and our unique level of industry focus enables us to keep it this way.

We work with clients throughout England and Wales, as we believe the same deep level of legal expertise and service should be available to all GP practices and other primary care providers regardless of where they are based. We are a very modern firm and utilise leading edge technology to enable us to work equally closely with all our clients, whether they are located in the North East, North Wales or London.

We also understand that our clients are usually busy in surgery during the day, so we go the extra mile to work around your busy diary. We are frequently making calls and holding meetings in the evenings and at weekends – when more conventional solicitors would either be unavailable or charging overtime rates.

Although our clients are based throughout the England and Wales, we work hard to ensure a particularly personal level of service. As we are a small firm you will always know who is dealing with your matter and will be able to contact them directly, or indeed speak to the firm principal Daphne Robertson. Your work will not be delegated to juniors as happens in other firms, and we often drop in and see our clients whilst we are travelling around the country on other business.

On behalf of us all, I want to thank you for your excellent professional advice, work and help in enabling us to deal with this difficult situation

Dr T, Dorset