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Our Culture

Excellent client service is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the key to our success is in hiring excellent people, providing them with interesting and challenging work, and rewarding them well. We are all passionate about our clients, about the primary care industry, and about our professional development.

The expert guidance, strategy and advice we offer our clients is all down to our people. This is why we only recruit highly experienced professionals, who have demonstrated a track record of success and are experts in their field. They will have excellent academic credentials, and will typically have spent time training in the rigorous environment of the large ‘magic circle’ firms. We look for excellent empathy and communication skills, a thoroughly commercial approach to the law which recognises the economic constraints of our clients, and committed team players who know when and how to share and collaborate with their colleagues.

We are a thoroughly modern firm and work with the latest and best technology. All our client files are maintained electronically, all paper-based correspondence is scanned and routed, and all our administration and controls are performed electronically to the greatest extent possible. We communicate with our clients through email and conference calls, and we demonstrate flexibility about when and where we meet our clients.

Work-Life Balance

In order to attract the best people, we have always recognised that we have to be different. Very different. In addition to offering challenging work in an interesting industry with great, professional clients, we also offer a unique work-life balance. All our fee earning staff work from their home offices most of the time, and are connected to the office and their colleagues through our modern technology and regular get-togethers. Because everything is so automated, we find that we can work from almost anywhere so long as there is access to a pc and phone. We have colleagues who are based in most parts of England and Wales and indeed some of us travel overseas regularly whilst retaining total visibility of client files and continuing to provide seamless client service.

We do not measure or reward anyone on utilisation and it is up to each solicitor whether they wish to work full time or part time. Each solicitor only takes on the quantity of work that they wish to perform, but when they undertake to deliver something they do so to a standard which delights our clients. Our solicitors are then rewarded accordingly with a share of revenue.

Most of us have other interests besides the law. We believe that this makes us more interesting as people and better able to empathise with our clients. Many of us have previously held senior positions in very large professional services firms, but find that DR Solicitors enables us to continue developing as professionals whilst still enjoying our other passions in life.

If you have a top-tier background and are genuinely excited by working in a complex, people-oriented part of the law, with high quality work, excellent clients and in highly motivated and skilled team, please contact Nils Christiansen for a confidential initial conversation.

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